Aeolus Online, an Interactive Sound Experience

Mike Blow

Hogarth Productions
Arts Council England


Mike Blow: concept, curation, sounds
Edmund Harcourt (Hogarth Productions): production
Chris Hunt (Controlled Frenzy): programming
Artists featured (at launch): Alison Ballard | Heather Barrett | Mike Blow | Attila Faravelli | Jeff Fuccillo | Teddy Glendinning | Leonard Medica Gregorič | Jack Hyde | Ak Kan | Laura Maes | Scott McCulloch | Carmen Torrado Mellado | Janne Mikkola | Sanela Milosevic and Kornel Papista | Alyssa Moxley | Rick Nance | Makoto Nomura | Kate Paxman | Pedro and Juan | Kristoffer Raasted | Lasse-Marc Riek | Mark Roberts | Nick Walters | Simon Whetham | Hubert Wińczyk | Maciej Wirmański

With thanks for help on the journey:
Jo Ross at Oxford Contemporary Music
Donna Howard and Carl Slater at KARST, Plymouth
Sarah Nicolls
Emily Koch
Professors Ray Lee and Paul Whitty at Oxford Brookes University
Arts Council England for believing in the project and being nice when it took longer than expected

Funded by Arts Council England